Other works from the past year:

“Finding the Fallen” a History Channel documentary series. Episodes “Silent Witness” and “Highland Warrior”.

MTV Canada doc “Girls of Latitude”. Director Liz Marshall travels to Haiti and other 3rd world countries to explore the lives of young women.

Richard Smyth CD, “Sleight of Hand” - 10 guitar based blues and jazz tracks. See the Production area and Links page.

The Real News - 25 minute documentary entitled “The History of the Security State”, with renowned political analyst Gore Vidal. See therealnews.com for the short promo and how you can receive a copy of this documentary.

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Welcome to my website. I’m a musician, composer, and producer working in Toronto, Canada. On the Home page you’ll find links to the various work that I’ve done including music production, mastering, bass sessions and music for media. My recording studio, MStudio, can be found on Facebook by clicking the link.

I’m also employed by one of Canada’s leading music universities, Humber College, as a Directed Study Advisor. DSAs consult with fourth year students through their final year recording projects.

One film project of note, that I co-composed and produced the score for, is Liz Marshall’s critically acclaimed Water on the Table. Clips of this score can be found in the New Moon Music link.