Gospel Recordings

Lift The Name

Come, Now Is The Time To Worship

He Is God

COP’s 2nd CD. “Lift The Name” was written by M.Shannon & Bill Wood. Arranged by Dave Wilson with choral arrangement by Eldon McBride.

COPs first Cd, recorded at the Glen Gould Studio, was a great opportunity for MS to work with people who pursue their goals with selfless determination. A great group of people and talented singers.

Bill Woods first solo CD, after his tenure with the group, Gosttown, and much after his ‘80s experience with Eye Eye (Out On A Limb). This collection of inspirational songs illustrates Bill’s completeness as a one man creative entity.

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Celebration of Praise’s 3rd CD released in 2008. Produced by Mark at Canterbury Music under the skillful direction of Eldon McBride.

The covers of the  3 COP CDs seen here were designed by

Camelia Linta (Camelia Linta Photography and Graphic Design)