Mandy Lagan - “Verses”

This project brought about the collaboration between Mandy and David Occhipinti (guitar), Andrew Downing (bass), Nancy Walker, Carl Horton, and Joe Lagan (all three piano). The music was not complete without the creative and robust playing of Blair MacKay on percussion, Kevin Turcotte on trumpet, and Ross Wooldrige on clarinet.

Another important addition were the Madawaska String Quartet for which David Occhipinti did a brilliant arrangement of the song, “To Any Reader”.

The Moon

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    Jazz vocalist and songwriter Mandy Lagan’s third independent CD is aptly named, “Verses”. The lyrics are derived from the 19th Century poet Robert Louis Stevenson. Many will remember when they were children being read the stories from the collection, “A Child’s Garden of Verses”. Mandy has crafted an original set of pieces, playable by a small jazz ensemble, that musically suit the theme of each poem.