Mandy Lagan,


Charlie Roby,

“Ramble & Scuffle”

Celebration of Praise

“Your Love Is Everywhere”

Mandy Lagan,

“You See Me”

Bill Wood,

“Take It”

Tamara Bernier,

“Brand New Remedy”

Lorraine Lawson,

“That’s Why”



Mandy Lagan,

“I Thought About You”

Celebration of Praise

Celebration of Praise

Pseudo Psurfer,

“Psounds For Psore Ears”

Bill Wood,


Box Meat Revolution

Hypothalamus, “HTITM,

“The Unanswered Question Pt.2”

Joel McLeod,

“A Friend Like You”

CD Single

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Celebration of Praise

“An Offering of Worship”

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Richard Smyth,

“Sleight of Hand”

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Sara Dell,

“Walk On Water” *

Bob McAlpine,

“Only A Fool Would Play That” **

  1. *Vocal recording, mixing.

** mixing, mastering

*** remixer and arranger. electric bass, keyboards

Jevon Rudder

The Good, The Bad...***

Jennifer Moore,


Donna O,


Richard Smyth,

“The Last Grab”

Bill Wood and The Woodies,

“Oh Look”

Katherine Gazda,

“Rule The World”