Tru Belleza Scam


I’m providing this information so that others will not be sucked into a recurring billing subscription with this aggressive company. They not only want to bill you regularly for this high priced product but they, in the fine print, admit that it doesn’t even do anything positive for your skin. They’re so aggressive that by accepting their offer you waive all of your rights to any recourse. I got suckered into 300 USD worth of their shit before I realized what I had gotten into. Upon this wave of enlightenment I had to deal with the company who refused to take their product back and issue a refund. Instead I was sent the form letter below, from product manager Sam Santos, in which he offered a token 60 USD. This is how they cut their losses: charge an unsuspecting customer hundreds of US dollars and then offer them a pittance in return.

Sam Santos

Product Manager

Let me just explain to you again our terms and conditions so we could be on the same page.

You ordered a 30 day supply of our Tru Belleza Anti-Wrinkle Cream under the 14 day trial offer for $4.95 USD and Tru Belleza Eye Serum under the 16 day trial offer for $4.95 USD for shipping and handling. The trial period starts when you place the order. If you choose to keep the product beyond the trial period, you then will be charged for the full amount of $99.95 USD for Tru Belleza Anti-Wrinkle Cream and $89.95 USD for Tru Belleza Eye Serum and be automatically enrolled in our monthly shipment program. If you are not satisfied with your Tru Belleza Anti-Wrinkle and Tru Belleza Eye Serum trial offer, cancel your subscription before the trial period ends and we need you to return the product back to us.

Also stated in our terms that our delivery times depend on the delivery service selected and may be disrupted. We can not be held responsible for reasonable delays by customs, the delivery carriers, weather circumstance or holidays.

Please be informed that all online merchants/companies have to provide terms and conditions in order to function. The said terms and conditions were provided on the web page where you placed the order for the trial bottles. Upon checking on the checkbox for the terms and clicking "Order", "Place Order" or any similar syntax, you agree to the provided terms and conditions. Furthermore, as stated on the terms, once you exceed the 14-day trial period you are no longer eligible for any refunds and we will not accept any returns of the products.

But we completely understand your situation and we are willing to make an exception. The best that we could do is grant you a total of $60.00 USD refund. The products you have right now are yours to keep. We will then fully cancel the account so you can be rest assured that you will not be shipped any other product or be billed for any other charges.